Trust our experience to manage your receivables

Trust our experience to manage your receivables.

CBSA specializes in providing solutions to our client's information and accounts receivable needs.Since 1907 CBSA has served the Banking community, the Medical community, the Utility industry, Colleges and Universities, and the Retail Sales industry providing customized solutions delivered through state of the art technology, driven by experienced and innovative personnel.

CBSA was founded in 1907 with a four fold mission:

•To provide prompt, accurate and professional information services in response to creditor and consumer needs.
•To collect money legally and ethically in response to creditors needs.
•To provide services and equipment, which enhances or increases the efficiency of the information and collection services provided.
•To generate meaningful and measurable benefits for:
The Employees, The Customers, The Stockholders, and The Community.



CBSA designs custom solutions that maximize recovery of delinquent accounts while protecting the relationship you have established with your customer. CBSA's Financial Counselors specialize in providing flexible plans to your customers designed to reduce the amount time from placement to payment in full. We work with many different kinds of companies for income recovery: