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CBSA Solutions provides Equifax credit reporting services in the counties in and around Stillwater, Enid, and Ponca City, Oklahoma. These services are provided through Computer Sciences Corporation which has the Equifax rights throughout Oklahoma.


CBSA offers a full array of credit reporting solutions through our affiliation with Equifax. Whether you are extending credit, screening potential customers, screening potential and existing employees, we can develop a customized credit reporting solution for your organization.

ACROFILE PLUS delivers complete nationwide coverage of consumer credit information, including detailed name, address and also reported employment histories, plus file summary, public record, collection, trade line and inquiry information-providing a comprehensive picture of applicant's credit-worthiness. Each concise report is organized for maximum efficiency, providing in-depth decision support that speed the credit granting process.

BEACON is a proven solution for predicting low and high credit risks. The BEACON scoring system predicts the likelihood that an existing account or potential credit customer will become a serious credit risk. BEACON was developed in association with Fair Isaac and built with a sample of over one million Equifax customer credit profiles.

DTEC- A fast economical way to locate lost accounts. DTEC searches the nationwide Equifax database of 190 million consumer files using just a Social Security number, returning name and address information quickly and economically.

FINDERS- An on-line skip-locate service providing current data for locating missing customers. Equifax FINDERS automatically delivers current ID verification and telephone numbers (when available) for skipped accounts---plus names and telephone numbers of creditors reporting credit activity or inquiring about your customer.

PERSONA- A fast economical support for informed hiring decisions. PERSONA returns an applicants complete name, ID, address and last reported employment history with on-line speed-plus valuable insight into financial relationships - all in a concise, easy to read report that complies with state and federal FCRA requirements. Used as a stand-alone screening tool or as a cost-effective supplement to more in-depth background investigations, PERSONA offers these key benefits and advantages.

E-PORT- Web access allows our customers to seamlessly receive information via the Internet while keeping control and access of the data.